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David Jenkins

David Jenkins Digital Fine Art

Las Vegas, NV


For nearly a quarter of a century David was involved in various aspects of the microelectronic industry as an engineer. Art was something others did and mathematics was a tool. In 1994 he was introduced to an artistically rendered representation of a mathematical formula called a Mandelbrot set. What occurred was nothing less than an epiphany. Mathematics would still be a tool but David was to become an artist. His right brain became the navigator in the fractal worlds and his left brain piloted the computers. Numbers became colors and formulas became structures and features to be explored. Over the years working with the infinitely tiny features on fractal structures that are of galactic proportion altered David's perception and the barriers between his mind and spirit faded.

The art of David Jenkins is a visual expression of those cosmic feelings: the ones within and those of the viewer.

David's work has been exhibited in the US and Europe. His art has won several awards including a Sedona Arts Festival Best of Class and the Los Angles Center for Digital Arts Top 40. His work has been was recognized by PBS KVPT in the Textures of Fresno TV special and by the Theater Arts Department of California State University at Fresno

David now works in his small Las Vegas, Nevada studio surrounded by computers and printers, drinking coffee and listening to synthesizer music. Away from the studio David prefers the non-digital world as he hikes with his friends and camera in Red Rock Canyon or Valley of Fire.


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